Our Approach

We want to provide users with a easy to use service which is available on mobile devices thats takes out the majority of the frustration and reduces the time it takes to get a quote to get your motor fixed.

Our Story

The innovation for this app came while trying to find a local garage that would fix an old car. It was difficult as lots of garages said they couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to help. After spending almost a week trying to find someone we found a mobile mechanic to do the work. We realised there could be an app that helps with this whole process.

Meet the Team

Quote is the result of over one years hard work from several different freelancers under supervision of the CEO and lead developer.

Riaz Firfirey

Founder & CEO

App developer and IT freelancer with over 8 years experience. Passionate about anything IT related, latest tech and gadgets.

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Business Enquiries

We are always on the lookout for new investors or potential business partnerships for mutual benefits. Why not contact us to discuss anything further..


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