The Ambassador program is currently unavailable until further notice

Are you our next ambassador?

We want to work with people who know their local area in order to promote QuoteG to new business users. The job of the ambassador would be to promote the app and get new business users to sign up to the service we provide.

To be eligible to apply you must:

  • Know the garages in your local area
  • Have some sales (especially field sales) experience and have a professional appearance
  • Have some knowledge of the motor repair industry and services
  • Have your own transport
  • Happy to work on a commission only basis
  • Are able to work on a freelancer / self employed basis and as such be responsible for paying your own taxes
  • Be available on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
  • Be able to work on your own iniative and be organized
  • Have an online social presence and be able to do online promotion via Facebook, Twitter etc..

To summarise your role will be to promote and grow QuoteG in your town / city to garage type businesses and also to acquire new users for the service by sharing / promoting. This is very important as otherwise businesses will not want to sign up. We will only work with one ambassador per town / city so it is upto you to supply any information that would help in your selection.

What is your benefit:

We will provide travel costs which will have to be agreed upon beforehand.


To start with we are offering businesses a free trial of the live quotation service of upto 6 months.

For each business that signs up for the free trial membership you receive £3 basic commision. **

After this they have to pay to use the service. From this you will receive 50% commision off their first payment to a maximum of £100 per business. See examples below (based on current pricing) :

Example 1: 10 businesses sign up for one month membership

£10 per business signup
So if 10 businesses signed up for one month you would receive £100 !

Example 2: 5 businesses sign up for 12 months membership

£100 per business signup
So if 5 businesses signed up for 12 months you would receive £500 !

Once a new business signs up via your efforts there is no time limit for your commision. So even if they decide to become a paid member after 6 months you will still get paid commision off their first payment.

We provide commission on all memberships so there are multiple opportunites to earn. This includes live quotations, featured business listings, multiple categories and special offers, see here for current pricing.

Please note our pricing may change without warning and as such affect your commision.

Please note in order to remain eligible for commission payments you must continue to maintain a business relationship with both us and your ‘clients’, as the ambassador you would be the first port of call if any business wants to sign up or has any enquiries such as pricing. As such you must familiarise your self with our website and pricing and keep upto date with changes. You will also proactively promote our app online on social media in order to increase the userbase in your location. You will work to prevent abuse of our service by your clients for example making all new accounts opened are by unique new businesses and not repeat accounts (to get new user benefits).

All payments will be made via Paypal or bank transfers. All transaction fees will be paid by the ambassador. All payments will be made at the end of the month.

** To qualify for your commision for free trial sign up, the business account must be created, verified and their business directory listing fully setup. You can offer to create this for them if it seals the deal.

Work Flow

Once you have decided you want to apply, the process is as below:

  1. Contact us using the online form stating your full name, town/city, Facebook profile, age.
  2. We will contact you back if we wish to interview you
  3. You will send us your CV and reference via email
  4. We will contact you back and arrange an interview
  5. If successfull we will then supply you with the training and materials you need to start work
  6. You will use a spreadsheet (such as Google Sheets) to start building a list of businesses in your area
  7. You will create a strategy to maximise work flow to target as many suitable businesses.
  8. You will promote and pitch the app to new businesses and get them to sign up
  9. Promote any introductory offers we have such as free 6 month membership
  10. Contact us daily to update us progress and new signups
  11. Re contact new sign ups to promote paid memberships
  12. Work on online (or offline) promotion to create brand awareness in your area
  13. Increase the user base in your area by promoting our app on your social profiles and related pages, groups, accounts…

We are looking for one person per town and upto 3 people per city. We are only targetting certain towns/cities. As this is commission only work we do not require fixed or set hours of work. You can work at your own pace however we do require certain minimum requirements:

  1. 1 hour online social promotion per week
  2. Target 5 new business sign ups per month, however its in your benefit to maximise this to to get the most commission.
  3. Update or contact us with updates atleast once a month.
  4. You must reply to all correspondence within 48 hours
  5. You must notify us if you are away or unable to continue work.
  6. Keep upto date with our pricing and free trial offers.

We will need to see a copy of your latest CV.

If you are interested please contact us to discuss further.

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