Why you need QuoteG as a user

We all want a car or motor that is reliable and will need as less to maintain it, but the fact is that several times a years you will need to visit a mechanic, garage or business you fix, update or maintain your car / motor.

Some people have regular garages they always go to and thus they might not have the stress associated with the above. But lot of people like shopping around to get the best prices and also to get the best service. In some cases you might be looking for a second opinion. This is what the smart person would do as different businesses have different prices for the same work. You might want the repair done today but your regular garage is busy. In these cases you will spend lot of time finding numbers and ringing around to get quotes or advice.

So why not use QuoteG to simplify that process. Using QuoteG you simply create one quote that our app then sends out to all appropriate garages / businesses in one click, then you can just wait!

Or while you wait you can browse our business directory and find a garage nearby with good reviews and ring them up.

Or if you just want advice or looking for the name of a part then use the Ask section to post a new question in the relevant category. You will get answers / replies from other users or experienced professionals.

QuoteG has lots of categories so that you can find the most relevant business for your work. You can select general repairs, servicing, MOT, exhausts, brakes, body work, car wash or more…

Benefit from reading other user reviews to get an idea on what others think of the business before you accept their quotes. You can also leave your own review.

You have access to a live quotation service, business / garage directory, questions and answers and local special offers in one handy app – QuoteG!

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