Sent your quote now what?

As a business / garage user you can login to the app to see any quote requests posted by users in your area and those that match categories that you are listed in.

You can view the reequest details and optionally send a quote price and message to the user. You can also update and modify your quote at any time, but we advise not to do this and if you must then to do it straight away.

Ok so you sent a quote now what?

Once you have sent the quote, if the user has opted in for email notifications they will be notified straight away via email. They will also receive a new notification in the app if its running.

Once the user sees the quote they are free to contact you to ask any questions they may have. They can then accept the quote in the app.

After accepting your quote you will be notified by email. The user can then contact you by email or phone via the app. If you do not here from them you can always contact them back via email.

We do not advise businesses to contact users unless its after the user has contacted you and you need to speak to them, for example to reschedule a booking or to cancel.

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